Where have I been? Nowhere in particular and yet everywhere all in the same. I am in my thirties, with no real job, running around like a headless horseman. Attempting to make sense of what life I have left. There is no money left for me to venture, but I feel so desperate to disappear. I am trapped in a place where every day is the same. Wake up, Figure it Out, Tired, Passes out, Repeat. If I give myself five tasks, I finish two and forget three. My brain is on empty, but my mind is full. My ambition has plateaued. How do I get out of my own way?

Find people who inspire you.

If you simply find yourself lost in a daze, confused about where your life is heading. Find a soul who’s life matches that of where you see yourself. They may not have it all together but they managed to master a part of their life, that you admire. Learning from one another is the best way to grow.

Be comfortable with change. We have been evolving since the beginning of creation. A sperm meets an egg becomes a fetus. A fetus becomes a crying baby. A crying baby becomes a screaming toddler. A screaming toddler becomes a raging teenager. A raging teenager becomes a drunken mess. A drunken mess becomes an Adult. An adult becomes a senior. A senior becomes a baby. And well, the rest is death. But if you believe in reincarnation death becomes new life. Change is the one thing in life that is inevitable to happen whether you like it or not. Embrace it and use it to spear head yourself to the top of the food chain.

Fear is that bully in High School. The only way it wins, is with you giving up. Giving up on yourself, your self esteem, your true nature to be a bad ass survivor. Kick Fear in the balls. Flush its head in the toilet. Push fear into their locker and say TODAY I AM A WARRIOR.

Create. Create. Create. When you make something out of nothing, it is the truest reminder of your ability. Grab a paintbrush, follow a You Tube channel, buy a self help book, start a 5000 piece puzzle. Find a tool that will open the door for your mind to feel accomplished. Like brain medicine. A car that needs gas will get you nowhere fast. Fuel your body before it slowly stops without any stimulation. Ask someone who is retired lacking a hobby. In order for you to jump start your bored self, give it something to look forward to finishing.

Last but never least. Surround yourself with positive energy. Because your time means something. Your work, your life means something to someone that one being you. You are your own boss. Show yourself some respect, look yourself in the mirror and say “Good Job”!

“You’re Doing Great Just Being You”!

Take responsibility for where you are in life. You are the knight you’ve been waiting for in that trapped tower.

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