Know your ROAR

What happens when you roar and actually like it? start to think people want to hear it.     [i.e Hi All you readers!] You prance around spreading this new found inner confidence. Until it hits you; praising the word of roar means you also have to be the reflection of the word. Strange I know. But I promise it will end where it makes sense for you and I both.

We all know the Lion King, right? one of the SADDEST Disney cartoon movies EVER, sorry Bambi. Seriously what is it with Disney it’s like American Horror Story mixed in with a musical. Any who, remember when Simba took Nala to the elephant yard only to bump into the hilarious but dangerous hyenas? What does he do to scare them off? He roars. Not a big roar more like a baby kitty roar, which ends up making the hyenas laugh. But it doesn’t deter him from roaring again. That’s what I mean by our roar. The inner voice that tells you “Today you’re going to survive”. “Today I am going to make myself be heard no matter the outcome.” “And today I am Fearless.”

About a year ago, I figured out that sharing my love of roaring truly opened up the people around me; myself included. Without even noticing my sudden boost of confidence was like a disease, there was more room for listening and receiving. There, I was able to truly hear who I was surrounding myself with.  Questions like, how and why you have things in common. Who am I, what am I really doing here? And Where do I go to learn more about myself and my community. It’s the first brick into your life journey. Do not let these words fool you I’m still there. Still developing those relationships with my close ones. Still trying to be present while working towards the future. It is extremely important to keep those questions with you as you develop your roar. It’s the reason you will fight for anything, anyone or any place. If you have nothing that drives the flames into your vocal cords, Is it really ever a roar?

Love more, Peace more and Roar more.

Your Wild Spirit Guide,


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