How do you do peace in a world so chaotic? 

How do you do peace in a world so chaotic?

Honestly, there is no such thing as the ultimate peace. All of those self help books and yogis would have you believe they have the answers. Guess what? they are all doing what we all do. Taking life day by day with daily mantras that eventually become words of wisdom. You know my secret to peace; acceptance. Accepting to live “peacefully chaotic”. The source being me, the most emotional angriest person on the planet.

This little body of mine holds so much anger. Angry that I lost my virginity to a loser. Angry that I did not take high school serious enough. Angry that I never finished college. Angry that I am constantly in unstable job situations. Angry at people who don’t get me. Angry when people ask when these hips are bearing kids. Angry at my partner when he eats all the ice cream. Angry when I get my period the first day of a vacation. Angry that I am always angry. Angry at nothing for the most part. It was way over due. Finding where peace lies. Right in between denial and acceptance. I accepted that I am an angry person but inside, the little girl in me is happy she just needed to come out more often than not. The true source of my anger doesn’t even exist. The inner peace I was so desperately looking for was inside the whole time, it was just a matter of releasing that part of myself and silencing the angry part of myself.

Have you ever driven with a New Jerseyan driver, or been one. You know when a Joe Schmo cuts you off because he/ she feels their life is way more crucial than yours. Filled with anger you high beam the vehicle, honk the horn and probably chase it down with a middle finger out of the window. For starters dude thats not safe! For seconds what did you gain? Instant gratification like a high from cocaine? Your life still didn’t change and that person probably had the music so loud didn’t even acknowledge what you were doing. That’s whats anger does to a person it embodies you to do things that will give you nothing but withdrawal from all that adrenaline. Just like every adrenaline rush, you’ll want to do it again and again. Its a sickness, a contagious ailment that brings nothing to the table. What if when you got cut off you smiled and waved. What if that person was having such a bad day he wanted to take it out on someone so they cut you off, and in return you smiled. Maybe your smile changes that person’s day or life. Maybe that smiles doesn’t cause a reckless accident. It is so true what they say. Life makes much more sense when you go about it peacefully. When you go about things calmly. Now don’t get me wrong just the other day i gave someone the finger for taking up two parking spots screaming “Shame on you.” It felt good to do that. But after sitting on it for a while I realized it was rude of me to inflict my own righteousness on him. Who was i? Just an angry girl who could have found another parking spot. I should have thought who was he. Did he need that spot more than I? Was he crippled, or holding the spot for a family member? Okay, I know what you’re thinking how naive can you be. As naive as I want to be. The world needs more naive thinkers. The world is already a nasty and ugly place; one less nasty person can do the world some good. I will not ask you to repress your emotions but what i can ask is that we try to be kinder to our peers. That we ask ourselves the true meaning behind our anger. That we use the word hate less, even in sentences so simple like i hate tacos, i mean no one hates tacos but you get my drift. Growing up i loved everyone now as an adult i dislike some of them. I am a lover but it is okay to have dislike in your heart what is not okay is for us to dwell on the dislike. That dwelling will turn our warm hearts into cold black hate. Mindful meditation is a crucial part of warming our hearts. Teaching us to live, think, breathe in the present. Asking yourself what is making me angry right now in this moment. I promise you will see that your reasoning is so petty, or so past tense. You chose to be angry rather than happy. I know, it sounds easier than it actually is, let’s think of it as a new iPhone update. You can rid of the glitches if you shut it down and reboot.

Love more, Peace more and Roar more.

Your Wild Spirit Guide,


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