the lights in the city never dim

From the land of the trees to the city that never sleeps. There was once a time I spent all my days and nights gallivanting the city of New York. We would run barefoot through secret bars, drinking pickle back shots, kissing boys we never really wanted to know. It is the Jersey Girl’s wonderland of multiple identities. Sooner rather than later those nights catch up to you, the boys turn to men and the secret bars are filled with hipsters who have forgotten how to dance. What is there left to do in the city? Explore, for free.

This week a talented artistic friend of mine invited me to join her on one of her many adventures. She is always on the move, which is something i admire most about her. She is fearless and always curious about what the universe has to offer. If you ever get the chance to meet her listen close she is similar to that of an adorable child filled with much imagination, life and laughter. So when a person like that mentions a “free” museum to check out. You go! Well you skip as quickly as possibly across the Hudson River. As we did. Okay obviously we took the path train but let me have a little fun with it.

The path dropped us off at Christopher St. where we galloped in the freezing, let me say it again, freezing cold on cobblestone streets to reach the galley. Not just any gallery, a gallery with a line so long i lost a few limbs in the process. [PS the name of the Galley was David Zwirner] Once we entered the building our limbs had time to warm back up again on two more lines. It was a three part display, the first part you had to remove all of your bulky clothing put them on 6 foot bench then as you move onto the second part grab your clothes and put slippers on your feet for the last two parts. The reason I am mentioning the process to you guys is because of what happened due to the process. So after the first display my friend grabbed our clothes and I noticed an extra scarf in her hand, instead of asking her why she had two scarfs I immediately thought I cannot believe this “Biotch” had two scarves the entire time I was freezing! To which I tell her, I am going to put your scarf on, she says nothing i say nothing we get onto the second line. Soon thereafter a “Will and Grace” wannabe walk up to us seeming lost, staring up and down at us. To them i say “Hey you have to grab the slippers and then get back on line”. Little did i know i was wearing the girl’s scarf!! Upon her return (because she actually did what i told her to do, weird) she says you’re wearing my scarf, i reply “Oh My, i thought it was my friend’s scarf i was wondering why she had two”, totally laughing about it. Her response to my stupidity was “I would really like to believe there are good people in this world” That statement totally changes my attitude. I give her this look, laugh again and said if i was stealing your scarf why would i have told you where to get the slippers. I don’t know why i thought that was showing value to me being “a good person”. Right after that her “Just Jake” friend throws a semi reality tv star tantrum and screams “OKAY WHATEVER SUREEEEEEEE” and they storm out only to be two people behind us. For the rest of the night my friend and i just laughed about how serious those people were about a scarf. SO serious they preceded to tell us “Don’t make eye contact, Don’t look at me” anytime our eyes glazed over at them as we still had the rest of the show to see with them!! Not only that but we then walked into this random store down the street to then bump into them again. The entire time in the store they followed us while waving every chance they got. This whole debacle basically made the entire gallery journey worth it. The show was like 3 minutes long but the reality show i was in felt way longer! If you two ever read this, please find something more than a scarf to actually care about!

After the store we zig zagged through the city hoping those two youngsters weren’t following us. Where we stumbled upon a cupcake store, with stuffed cookies!! AHHH Heaven! City Cakes, follow them! As we take our treats to go, we also took a few detours to random record stores only to come across a google store that was popping with people! We decided to walk in, and what do we feast our eyes on?! A snow ball pit! HOW FREAKING AWESOME! Now only a snowball pit, but a free snowball pit! Of course we dove right in. And, of course we refused to leave when it was time to leave. I even hid beneath the balls when the guy said i had 30 seconds to leave. “Can’t find me now” i told him as he laughed but with a stern look on his face like i will drag you out of here if i have to! I pushed my 30 seconds, what a rebel i am! Then walked right out of the google store like a boss! ha Right outside Google there was a food truck with hot cocoas and selfie marshmallows! Again FREEEEEE! We smile for the camera, wait five minutes for the cocoa and then walked to a bathroom as the shits came faster than the selfies did! Doesn’t it feel great to get older? Not! As the night winded down, we stopped at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza to bring some home to my partner, because even though i was out having a good old time, my partner needed a souvenir to my adventure! My how times have changed! But the city still lives on, always awaiting our arrival to make memories.

Love More, Peace More and Roar More.

Your Wild Spirit Guide, 



  1. Tanya Marques

    December 15, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Thanks for making me have an emotional train ride to work! You my friend inspire me every day. Love ya until the wheels fall off.

    Ps- Will and Grace! Lmaooooooo you nailed it!

    1. LivetheAllieWay

      December 21, 2017 at 3:14 am

      And then we get new wheels and go on the ride again! Love you always my soul sistah! So lucky to have bumped into you!

  2. Cherry

    December 15, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    I’m so jelly what an adventure I wish I was there !!FREE is FOr Me! Dude so wait I need to know was the scarf designer ?? Like why else would they believe you took it on purpose hahaha people now a days smh!

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