New Year, New Me..

A week into the New Year. How exciting!  Nerve-wracking of course. But still very exciting! There are 31 days to get your act together. 31 days to do everything you said you would last year but never did. 31 days to not drive-thru McDonalds. 31 days to miss that nicotine. 31 days to be anyone you ever dreamt of. January is a good time to build a vision board, or post-it notes (Romy & Michelle invented them) then hang it up somewhere you will see often. Matter of fact, i should work on mine, right now! BRB.

Just so you know I got nothing. Can my vision board be this blog? Is that a thing? I truly do not know what I want, i mean i want it all but i have no clue how to direct it into one success that will flourish and enable for all of my other wants to flourish. I listen to all of these success stories and honestly it sounds like a series of Disney Princess fairy tales. Im just sweeping around the house talking to animals, well just one my dog Memphis dreaming up grandiose ideas. My head keeps telling me one of them is bound to come true, i mean it has to. I have no other options, I’m tired of sweeping.

Can you guess what my “new me” resolution is; to quit procrastination. Although between you and i, i pushed paying a bill today because i decided to binge watch Black Mirrors. Damn you Netflix! The internet is one hell of a demon when you have responsibilities, projects and chores. The media sucks you in and then spits you out drained forgetting you even had anything to do that day. Us 90’s kids really know how to escape reality. One we love television, i mean we grew up on Saturday Mornings glued to the box until noon. Two we refuse to grow up, any means of distraction is a happy excuse to life. The millennials we all complain about, they are helping us get off our asses. They push the dreamer limit and turn it into a career. They are changing life as we know it. It’s scary i know but it’s happening and if i stop procrastinating maybe i can catch a ride on the “Dreamer Train”. You coming?

Love More, Peace More and Roar More.

Love your Wild Spirit Guide, 


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