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What’s a better way to spend your days inside than redecorating! This month is filled with resolutions, “new me” mantras, gym memberships and now home decor! As I simply just cannot fathom the idea of moving things around, I tend to call my aunt to help in the furnishing department. Here’s why she’s the best. Below is a featured article from the decorator herself! Enjoy!

“It has been said that you’ll never reach a goal you don’t set.” Seems just about right to me. If you don’t aim for something you will hit nothing. As the new year is ringing through I like to come up with goals for my home. I am a homebody by nature, and I really enjoy my time spent at home. So making my home the most comfortable place it can be is always the goal. Probably the reason why I started my blog www.makinmyaptahome.com

Each year I like to set about 8/10 goals for my home. This way I can try to reach a least one a month and still give myself about a month or two off to enjoy the fruits of my labor. One of them being the month of July when I tend to either vacation away from home for my birthday or spend it throwing parties for family and friends to come see what I have done with the place. That all being said January is a great month to outline these goals.

In previous years January is usually my clean out month. Purging the spaces that just seemed to get filled with clutter and never revisited. January is a great month to clean out your closets, basements & attics if you have them. It’s cold & gloomy outside and what better way to spend the time then to get your home ready for the new year. As I just moved in November 2017 I didnt have much clutter to clean out. There is nothing like a move to make you rid of stuff. Well for most people anyway. My friends will tell you that I have way too much stuff; I swear I need it all. Anyway due to the move I have already cleaned out most of the clutter. So January will be spent painting.

Around the two year mark I will give my walls a fresh coat of paint. Usually after two years my taste has evolved and I do love change. Since I’ve just moved into this place the renters beige all landlords tend to throw on the walls is killing me. Luckily for me he said I can paint them any color I want. Thank you Jesus for always giving me amazing landlords that allow me to be expressive and creative in my home décor. But as my move was in mid November and Christmas was right around the corner I made do and got to the business of unpacking vs painting. With Christmas now being over it is time to throw some paint on these walls.

I happen to be a beast when it comes to painting. It’s something I love to do which energizes me as much as it tires others out. I will probably get 3 rooms done in the month of January, the conjoined living rooms and my bedroom. I will leave the kitchen, which to me, is not a fun room for the month of February. And by March I should be onto to my goal of adding window curtains to this new place. Can you believe I have 15 windows in just those 4 rooms alone. I am a huge fan of windows if you haven’t noticed from my instagram. The window’s in this place “had me at hello.”

So these are just a few of my home goals and my outline for attaining them. I believe your home is your sanctuary a space that can be anything you want it to be. Set some goals and go for them. Decide on a big picture and then just break it out into attainable steps. What will you do to make your home yours this year?


ARod of MMAH – aunt of LiveThe Allieway

remember to Love More, Peace More and Roar More.


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    January 12, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Thanks so much for having me here Allie cat . Can’t wait to see as your blog grows.

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      thank you for being my first! and for helping it even exist!

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