Walking in Memphis

Biggest marketing scheme is a dog popping out of an adorably decorated box on the happiest day of the year. Of course we all want puppies. Every ad, every commercial, every photo shows you the pure joy a dog gives you. You will find very few images of a dog covered in shit with the owner in the corner contemplating returning he/she. It happens. Shoot in my lifetime of a dog owner, I have only kept one dog and he just might be the devil.

Growing up, my dad was the dog whisperer; my mother not a fan. Luckily any urges of dog fullfiment was met at my dads house. One time my mother made the mistake of actually listening to my demands. The countless whining every parent endures when their child wants a puppy. I’m pretty sure at the age of nine I thought having a dog was just cuddling and more cuddling. Like a live action stuffed animal. Until I was 25 my room was covered with stuffed animals, I was the modern day Andy from Toy Story. So when my mother actually surprised me with a dog, there was no way I was prepared for the responsibility. This dog actually had to go outside in the winter? Who knew?! My poor little man Scooch lasted about a month before my mother made me watch him get adopted. I cried the whole ride home, never letting my mother live it down; even now.

I am not quite sure if subconsciously I felt guilty for what happened to Scooch or if I wanted a second chance. Everyday since Scooch I begged my mother to let me redeem myself. She never caved. It wasn’t until I moved to California, that Andrew and I got not only a cat but a dog. Man that was a joke. It was the first time we had moved in together, the first time we were away from our families, the first for everything. Somehow we thought it would be a great idea to accompany our uncertainty with a pet. [SPOILER ALERT: IT DOES NOT END WELL] Not just one pet but two wild beasts. Let me just tell you that our apartment didn’t even allow for dogs, yet an American Staffordshire found her way into our hearts. Shuggie, the cat, was always a wild beast, she loved living outside more than cuddling. We just fed her and hung out with her on the patio. Gypsy on the other hand, she was a handful. Every day after work we would find ourselves in a hallway full of crap. Crap in her cage, crap on her face, crap on the floor, crap on the walls. It was a crap fest. No matter what we did, she always found herself in crap. Walking her was an absolute disaster, I almost died in about ten car accidents. During the time Andrew and I adopted Gypsy we were having our own issues, not noticing she was going through health problems. It was a hot mess. As much as I went back and forth on the matter, I had to give her back. Andrew hated me for a while and I hated myself for being a quitter. If she stayed she was surely destined for failure.

All of this giving dogs away leads me to Memphis Wayne. The one dog who practically died at the hospital three days after we got him. They told us he was brain dead and it was best that I return him for another dog. Hysterically crying I refused to do what I was so used to doing; quit. Im so glad I didn’t give up on him, the next day the hospital called, shocked that he had made a miraculous turn around. Fate was asking me to take responsiblity, to not be selfish. Which I’m actually quite selfish, if you haven’t noticed. Memphis came to me because I forced Andrew to either get me a dog for Christmas or we’d break up. True Story. Thinking he would fail, on Christmas Eve he sent me a photo of this hopping brown bundle of wackiness. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted him, I needed him. And because of my selfish antics I believe God has given me the most difficult lovable dog there is. Memphis is downright spoiled. He gets home cooked meals, a thousand blankets he pees all over, sits on the couch, sleeps on our bed, we have a pillow of his face. I mean this dog truly has hit the lottery compared to where he came from. All of the torture he puts me through with his near death seizures every three months, I’m just as obsessed with him as he is with me. We have this weird bond, most times I cannot stand him, and the other times I just watch him. He is a gift the universe sent me, to show me patience, loyalty, love and everything in between. He is not just a puppy in an adorned box, he is all “behind the scenes”. Buying or Adopting a puppy doesn’t just pop out of a box, they pop their way into your hearts, foreverrrrrrr. Be careful what you wish for. Not all stories have a happily ever after but if you read between the lines you’ll find all stories have a lesson to be learned.

Love More, Peace More and Roar More.

Your Wild Spirit Guide, 


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  1. Cherry

    May 10, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Dude I can still hear u screaming Gypsy GYPSY on our walk in Cali lmao good times . Me and Wayne we cool even tho I’ll never forget he almost died cus it was around my birthday haha and I was like this Mf ( Andrew) hahahaha good times man love y’all !!

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