There is no “I” in “WE”.

When I last posted, my intention was that as a woman I helped put other women on a pedestal. That I, was part of the empowerment that is happening right now. In the end I felt my writing was more of a women vs men, when in reality there is and should never be a competition. Truthfully, no matter how many times we fight against it, we need each other.

Don’t you find it ironic, that the continuation of the universe comes down to a male and a female? I used to, or still think it’s a sick joke; that two complete opposites could ever be united. When being united is what we are meant to do. Together anything is possible, together we create LIFE! Now does that mean being gay says you’re going against nature, no! Being gay is the brave decision to be honest with love. Period. There was a time when men happily slept with other men, then we became homophobic. A time where men married younger women, and then he became a pedophile (not that I agree, I’m making a point). Men dressed in drag on stage, but today were discussing transgender equality. Parents as well as teachers would discipline children, but these days you’re criticized on the internet. Guns, a staple in the American household, used for protection, kids are now using it to terrorize other kids. The world as a whole never changed. The rules that apply to society have. The people we allow to be in charge continue to divide us with ideals that only benefit them, with money being the major factor. Guess what? Money doesn’t even exist yet we are separated in classes dependent on our financial status. Who decided that? How did we let it get this far? Take everything away, our ideals, our money, our objects, our opinions and we become bare naked versions of each other. The same lost souls searching for the meaning of life. And you know what the meaning of life is, DEATH. The inevitably of death makes you live like its your last, so everything in between, all the nonsense, is just that, nonsense.

When you’re done discriminating, ranting, rioting, remember why you were put on this Earth. To live your truth. To free yourself then guide others into their freedom. You think God was really mad that we ate the apple, I mean he knew we would. Right? Its like telling your child “Don’t go to that abandoned house at the end of the street, its dangerous” What does the kid do? Go to the abandoned house at the end of the street. Are you mad that they went or are you disappointed in their disregard for your warning? No matter how many rules, punishment or division you put in front of a person, they are always going to be and do what they feel is right. You cannot stop a person from being a person but you can try to understand why that person may feel that way, why that person may want to defy the law. It may just be the secret to our harmony.

Love More, Peace More, and Roar More.

Your Wild Spirit Guide, 


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  1. Cherry

    April 5, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    Preach . Live your truth . It’s hard to see other people’s point and to understand why they are or do what they do but it’s important to try . YAP 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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