Friday the 13th

Hi everyone! My apologies for being away so long, if you haven’t noticed in my readings before, I tend to get in my own head about my writing. Every week I start off with a topic and then think to myself what is the point? The point is I cannot live my life dependent on what others will think, because this is for me, for my sanity, for my kids one day and for my fiancé. Yeah, I said that right, on April, Friday the 13th Andrew and I got engaged! Weeeee!

That may have been the first time I actually said that aloud! Now before I go into the details, let me just explain how long I have been pining over this man. It happened almost ten years ago, when a friend and I left the salon with our new do! She had asked me if I wanted to see someone she was interested in, which what girlfriend doesn’t, right? So off we go, windows down, music blasting, summer air messing up our wigs. As we pull up to the house, I noticed this tall glass of chocolate milk with a little bit of caramel standing outside with my friend’s guy. Man, was he fine! Immediately, I got this pit in my stomach which was probably my teenage hormones raging, but in my mind it was serendipity. Of course, him being a guy he couldn’t even be bothered, he said hello, walked away and that was basically the end for me. We soon thereafter became myspace friends [Did I just say myspace?] and I am not quite sure when we exchanged phone numbers but we would have random late night “come over” chats, that I always refused. Not because I was playing hard to get, but my mother would never let me out late night!

For years we did this back and forth. I seemed to always embarrass my self in front of him and he would still text me. Don’t get me wrong, we were both out there doing our thing, but any time I saw him in the same room, I was his magnet. No matter how many times I told myself to stay away, I couldn’t. My friends and his friends, a hundred percent, thought I was crazy. I definitely was at one point, but there was no shaking the feeling. I tried. That’s pretty much what kept me there, I knew with time when he actually got to know me, not the drunk me, that he would feel the same way I did. One day it just happened, not sure when, not sure how, we went from playing mind games to saying I love you. It was all down hill from there. When we finally did hit it off, we went all in. I would say we were inseparable but we aren’t that kind of couple, yes we love being together all the time, but we value our independence. What did happen was everything you could imagine, as a couple we had been through “hell on earth” and back. Everything a person or a couple could experience we did. It was never easy with us. It made me back out a few times, I couldn’t fathom why I had this feeling of him being my soulmate but it always seemed to fall apart. We did always find our way back, so that saying” if you love someone set them free and if they come back they’re yours forever” its a valid statement, if you’re willing to live with the risk.

Us birds, flew in many different directions only to find our way right back into each other’s arms. That Friday the 13th, I was sitting outside our home with our dog Memphis. It was one of the first warm days we had had in a while, so you know my legs were hairy. Here I am, in a onesie over some tights, looking like a 80’s workout Chewbacca as Andrew walks in from work. Now not noticing what is about to happen, Andrew plops down on one knee, saying my full name, and by the time he got to “Will” I had already said “Yes” followed by a thousand of the same “Are you joking?” I could tell you how when I first met him, I probably pictured this a million times in my head, but when it happens it’s still shocking. I’m still in shock, that I will marry the man of my dreams, the mate to my soul. Now I know some women will say to me “Don’t marry your soulmate” even Adam Ruins Everything believes it to be a scientific feeling. Love is a finicky thing, it fills you up and then it disappears with time and inner growth. If you base marriage on love it will eventually fade, but if you base your marriage on respect now that’s a lifetime. Maybe this is a forever relationship, or maybe we never make it past our first anniversary. Once that ring slide right into my finger, I stopped caring about the future of our relationship. Everything I had ever asked for, wished for, thought of in my mind, Andrew has given me. That ring was the ultimate sacrifice and for that I will be evermore grateful. He is exactly the man you want by your side, rooting for you, keeping you warm at night, just making you feel sexy in all the ways he can. If this goes south, I could say I was once loved by the greatest man I had ever met.


To be continued…


  1. Tee

    April 25, 2018 at 9:37 am

    You two butterballs. I can’t wait to attend this wedding! And I can’t with your selection of word choices… you have a way with words my friend. F*ck what people say!

  2. ARod

    April 25, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    Luff it so excited for this wedding let the parties begin…

  3. Sofia

    April 25, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    So happy for you both!! 💜💜💜

  4. Cherry

    May 10, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    That was beautiful ! Awwwww this is just beautiful mana ! 😘só happy for you both ! Love you both so much !

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