America, the beautiful.

Here I am, an engaged Chewbacca relishing in the few moments of future wedded bliss. I must have been love drunk because right after he proposed we rode 7 miles through a busy scenic route overlooking the lake. The ride may not sound as strenuous as it actually was, but I had not been on a bike in like I don’t know ever. It was either the adrenaline pumping through my veins or that I did not want Andrew to think he had just been promised to a punk, that truly guided me along the way. So off I went peddling into what was the beginning of a “perfect” weekend.

The next day as the sun shined through my window, Andrew and I so tired from the bike ride, noticed that we had slept through our alarm. This being our normal Sunday routine, we paid no mind to it, except it wasn’t Sunday and we had to catch a flight in two hours. Quickly we jolted from the bed, trying to feed Memphis, while getting dressed and texting my mom for her parental advice. It was then that I asked my parents to meet us on the way, having my stepdad [he’s the real MVP] join us for the ride so we could hop right out into the check in. [Let me tell you a little side bar the best way to get through security is to show up late] Arriving at United we were treated with such kindness that we made it to the gate with exactly four minutes to spare. I wish that is where the excitement ended but as soon as we arrived to our destination, Albuquerque, the rental office was closed, which forced us to spend two hours looking for another rental car. Safe to say our trip started with a bang.

Once we got past the novelty of everything bad happening to us, we realized we were in the prettiest little desert mountain town. Albuquerque is absolutely beautiful, it gave me “couples looking to get away or retirees” vibe. The first day we arrived, we saw the Rio Grande glistening in the sunlight, it was just dying for us to jump right in, of course we did!   It was muddy, and warm and all the things you want from a river passing through a bustling town. Our first night ended shortly thereafter with a green chile cheeseburger that truly kept me away from New Mexican cuisine for the rest of the trip. Sorry New Mexico but those chiles had my taste buds on fire! The next day we arose with enough energy for a volcano hike, a botanical garden and a winery. [all three are a definite must stop] We did so much that day, we took Albuquerque by storm! By the end of the day, Andrew’s neck was burnt and the only thing burnt about me were my brain cells from all the wine we had guzzled down! We spent the rest of the time on Route 66, basically competing with the locals on who could drink more. I lost, I lost terribly, with a mean ass hangover that would surely not agree me the following day.

Brain thumping, orange vomit in the toilet and I was supposed to be dressed ready to hike. Hiking did not happen that day, just a drive where I had one eye open trying to enjoy the sights without vomiting in the rental. Fifty minutes later we arrived in Santa Fe, which is a super more relaxed town than Albuquerque. So many adobe shops, a church with a mystery staircase and so many interesting restaurants and cafes. If I wasn’t on a mission to see more of New Mexico, we definitely would have stayed longer. Unfortunately for Andrew when I’m on vacation, I am always on the move, whereas he prefers to be sitting poolside with a drink in hand. So off we go to see the sights, where we stopped in a miners town of Madrid, where Wild Hogs was filmed. They were known for an adventure-land that inspired Walt Disney. I mean that’s freaking cool! The best part about traveling especially in the United States, is getting to know your own backyard, separating book history from real life facts. If you live in the states, you should always take the time to further your education. It’s an eye opener. After we skipped town like a couple of locals, we drove down route 14 mesmerized by the mountains. As we crossed route 66, I remember reading something online about the singing highway! Where you drive your car about 45mph on the side of the road and can hear the sounds of “America The Beautiful” being played ever so sweetly. We popped about five u-turns to catch the song in its entirety. It was just like it’s namesake; beautiful. I wish I could say that’s how our trip ended but it really ended with us flying around Denver in a sandstorm unable to land then being stranded in the airport as our flight kept getting delayed. Our solution to this was to change our flight for the next day and enjoy the plants Colorado had to offer. Now that is the American way, making the best with what is in front of you!

Love More, Peace More and Roar More.

Your Wild Spirit Guide, 



  1. Arod

    April 26, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    I came to read this post terrified it would say guess what were married. lol thank god it doesnt lol luff you both and want to be there when it does happen lol

  2. Tee

    April 28, 2018 at 10:07 am

    The perfect sandstorm…now I want to go to Albuquerque:)

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