A love of FAIR.

Carnival! No, not the one celebrated in costumes and debauchery. Although they both give you the same feeling of adrenaline. This definition of the word we will be using today is in reference to an amusement park that sets up on a church lawn or random parking lot for a few days while kids run around checking their height requirement. It truly is a place of simpler times. Ride until you throw up, eat until it makes you throw up and repeat.

As a child I would visit my mother at one her jobs, it was my favorite one of all. For a couple of years she worked at the San Gennaro Festival. This festival basically takes over the entire neighborhood of Little Italy, NYC. If you haven’t been, it is a must visit! There aren’t any rides, unless you count the amount of times you’ll be picking up forks of pasta as a ride. Pasta is the focal point of celebration here. Actually San Gennaro is, but you get my drift. It is jam packed with people from all over the world, joined on a crowded street to celebrate in what we all have in common; Good Times! My mother would run some of the game booths where you win your significant other a gigantic teddy bear. I thought she was the coolest, still is, mom on the planet. For one, I could have any stuffed animal I wanted. For two, we stayed up late nights! Kids don’t have that life anymore, they’re busy glued to a screen. Go Play KIDS!

I remember the first time my stepfather asked us both out on a date; we went to this same feast. It was great up until he left my friend and I in the car while he kissed my mother goodnight. My friend and I or maybe just I as a kid bully raised the temperature on his side of the car as well as the seat warmers. Normally it wouldn’t be as funny as it was, but it was about a 100 degrees outside. Time passed and our house phone (anybody have those) rang with his voice on the other side. He told my mother that he had spent the entire drive sweating, not knowing why. When he looked over at the controls, he noticed the heat was all the way up, putting two and two together that it was me. He wasn’t upset, I could tell there was laughter. I think it was then he knew I had accepted him into the family.

Festivals, Carnivals, Feasts and fairs all have one thing in common; joy! It always brings people together in warmer times. Similar to a BBQ on a grander scale. Oddly enough, my first real date with Andrew was at the Meadowlands Fair. It really is the Jersey thing to do. People who live in states that host giant state fairs know that special kind of love for these kinds of things. You see that ferris wheel and you know the amusement that awaits you. It was definitely the best date idea. We ate donut burgers, cheese fries, watched a pig race, stared at elephants (i refused to ride him), then rode their kick ass rides. I was so nervous when I got out of the car, I wasn’t sure if we would have anything to say to each other. In hindsight, it was the perfect place to get to know each other without ever saying a word. Since that day it has become a tradition of ours to become fair folk. It is a chance to let go of our adult stress and be children again! Last night we attended a church fair, they had the sickest rides I had ever seen in such a small venue. We may have been the oldest people there without children, riding the rides with other peoples children. The attendants got a big laugh every time we gave them our tickets. As I sit here writing this, with whiplash I see now, why everyone was so much younger. Children don’t feel aches and pains from fast moving objects propelling you into the air. That still won’t stop us though! It still won’t keep us away from grubbing on fair food and being the tallest people on the rides. It is our little piece of home whenever we step foot on fairground. A place we first fell in love.

Love More. Peace More and Roar More.

Your Wild Spirit Guide, 


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  1. Jo

    May 19, 2018 at 10:12 am

    This as usual was fantastic writing. Love the way you give us a piece of you in every word in every phrase.

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