What is a Grown up?

There comes a time in every person’s life when they ought to grow up. My version of this reality was a creation of stability. Stability in relationships, career, financials and in the home. Then I saw those who are supposed to be grown ups and realized nobody has their shit together.

After I moved back from California I spent three years volley balling through jobs. I thought every single one would be the break I needed to prove I was finally a grown up. Every single time I would be disappointed with low wages or unstable management. At one point I had five jobs, I was overstressed, over worked and still had no money in the bank. I was feeling really low about myself and how far I had progressed into nothing. Then it hit me! I thought about all the people in the world with children, with no degrees and how much harder they have to work to provide to be in the same predicament I was.

That was a big “Aha” moment! I told myself that I needed to stand tall and stop regretting what I didn’t do that landed me where I was. Everything about my life is progressing. I travel when I can, I have a man that is loving, and I don’t live at home. Three things I can say I am proud I am able to do without a stable job. So what my job situation isn’t ideal, whose is. Alright, so I don’t have a college degree, do you know how many of them are living at home depressed at a job they picked at 18?

The game has changed. Millennials did that for the rest of us. Being a grown up no longer means stability. Being a grown up is valuing life as it passes us by. Anything you want is possible as long as you want it. Don’t let scholars convince you otherwise. They’re just as confused as us “working class”. There is always time to live out your regrets. Figure out what it is you want, then grab it by the balls.

Love More, Peace More and Roar More.

Your Wild Spirit Guide, 




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