Saying goodbye to Hollywood; more like BRB!

How did Hollywood become the epicenter of our social environment? We buy what they wear. We hashtag what they preach. We consume our minds with their actions. [I just spent an hour researching a Hollywood dynasty right after binging a new show]

Any time I watch a show or documentary that starts to fascinate me, I spend most of the time sitting on my phone researching instead of finishing the film. I want to dive right into the details. Make believe that I am a character. Can you tell I was an only child until I was fifteen? These people impacted who I wanted to be at the time. I wanted to hang out with Barney, morph into a Power Ranger and spell myself into a Charmed sister. I thought the life of an actress was riveting, well still do. They can be anyone they ever imagined to be and still try to be themselves. They get paid to what do we do in our everyday life. Some of us dress up to go to work, put on a uniform to conform and then come home and saddle up on the couch and watch reality TV.

Reality TV is most likely the devil working his magic. I mean come on, shows based on strangers tearing each other apart while claiming to be one big happy family. Is this the Illuminati? Why am I spending 40% (I’m being generous) of my life glued to a screen? Why am I actually believing it to be real? Because they said so? Have you watched Vanderpump Rules? Sure that stuff happens in real life except we don’t get paid to hang out with each other. It’s real with a paycheck which no longer makes it real! It’s called acting. People will do or be whoever for the right kind of money.

When I think of celebrities watching television, I think “Wow, I must be doing something wrong.” How in the world did they manage to become rich and still get hooked into the time warp? Did they watch one less episode than I did that day? This is the shit that goes through my mind as I watch another episode of RHONY while I’m at work. I have things to do, why can’t I do them? I’m stuck. A cocoon of my former caterpillar self. Except I don’t turn into a butterfly more like a pillar fly with one gigantic wing and the other watching GLOW on Netflix. [its so good] Watching another life unfold will always be much more intriguing than our own. They get a pause button. We get to imagine being a character, pause maybe do some actual work, then go back to day dreaming. It’s the perfect escape. It’s a drug without the side effects, well except depression apparently that happens when you finish an entire season in a day. [look it up]

PSA: I’m not saying that after this I won’t watch an episode of Southern Charm, I’m maybe saying that I’ll be more vigilant of how I spend my days. Put the phone away for an hour and watch the sunset. Listen to a record instead of mindless television. Go for a walk instead of plopping on the couch. Who knows my days are wide open, at least until Orange is the New Black premieres.


Love More. Peace More and Roar More.

Your Wild Spirit Guide, 





  1. Tee

    July 13, 2018 at 11:01 am

    Love this. I need to do the same 😫 so true!

  2. Cherry

    August 2, 2018 at 12:15 am

    Sometimes I think actors don’t watch tv !? This got me thinking lol 👌🏽👌🏽

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