The Wild Flower Oath

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be accepted for being different. To be seen. To be heard. I had costume changes and held performances for my stuffed animals. I flirted with all the boys and fought with my girls. I played teachers pet but never did my homework. I wore mix matched clothes and platform shoes. I was a girl. A spice girl. 

And then time came when I had to blossom. Stop partying. Get a real job. Love one boy. Have real friends. Be a responsible adult. 

But I’m sorry to disappoint society. That isn’t me. I am still a girl wearing lip liner writing diary journals shouting from the rooftop naked. If growing up means not being myself, then I never want to grow up. 

I see the grown ups. They don’t seem to have it together. They quit their jobs and start anew. They get married and then divorced. They have children but lost themselves. 

I want to be that girl who has it all. Who plays in the sun and pays her bills.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a full life. There is something beautiful about running wild with the horses. We don’t have to let the world dictate who we are, how we are, what we are, and why we are. Some of us go our whole lives never leaving our box.

My life has always been sour and sometimes sweet. But it is my life. It’s not 9-5. It’s 24/7 of whatever I want it to be. And that’s okay. There is never going to be a mold one size fits all. Life doesn’t work that way. Each person has a story to be told, so let it be you narrating it!

Before you look back and wished you had done more. Today I ask you for one thing. Do you trust me?

Be a wild flower in a bouquet of roses. 

Love More. Peace More. Roar More.

Your Spirit Guide to living your best life,


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  1. Cherry

    April 20, 2019 at 12:58 am

    Play in the sun but also pay your bills haha ain’t that the truth ! Agreed girl hahaa I wana play and be able to pay haha

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