She reaaadddyyyy

We did it y’all! We fucking finally did it! And when I say We I mean the multiple personalities trolling my mind telling me I can’t! In my last post I had put a few things on hold to curate a POP UP! With just a month and no idea on how I was going to make it happen, it actually did happen!

When Family is Family

The two weeks leading up to it were the hardest. My husband and I were fighting about finances, chores and his late nights. I had been spending most of my time not curating but working all three of my jobs, as my fabrics haunted me in my sleep. The first of the two weeks I had told myself I was going to get everything done so that the week of I could just relax and await for the event to happen. Of course that did not happen. There I was three days prior to the event up until 3/4 in the morning sewing, painting and watching the Politician. Man that was a great show, so beautifully written. Anyways before I go off on a tangent this was about the pop up.

That’s me, sprinkling magic

Every day leading up to the event it seemed I had something else to buy. I needed paint, kids activities, fabrics, s’mores.. Do you know how hard it is to find s’mores sticks in the fall? Impossible. I went to six different stores. Then as I am telling my husband the story he reminds me of the six metal ones I have in the draw. Shaking my head. The metal ones ended up being a conversation starter around the late night fire. #Winning!!

Fire Starter & Unfoldingmind

‘Twas the day of the event. Running on two hours of sleep, I drove my husband to work, came home, fed the animals and started painting props that I decided last minute to do. Now an hour into it I’m late for set up and I have to call my mother for help. My poor mother, I think I called her twenty thousand times to ask if she had anything in her arts and crafts attic. By the time the day arrived I’m sure she was hesitant to pick up the phone as the supplies were running low. I apologize to my brothers in advance if you’re projects are lacking so that my pop up could flourish! The older sibling “gets the worm”.

Make your Own Eco Friendly Tote Bag

My car packed to the rim with mannequins, jackets, supplies and my pup Memphis. I had no other option but to bring my needy puppy it was that or come home to shit and piss. Speeding down the parkway, jamming to the events playlist I was wrecked with nerves. How was this event going to turn out? Was anyone going to show up?

Queen of Daddy Matty Calling her friends

It took me a couple of hours to set the joint up. Midway into setting up my mother showed up and you know I gave her something to do. Then my dad called hauling a speaker through the crowd to get the party started behind him my step mother and sisters ready to rock and roll. And that’s exactly what we did. My family has always been supportive of my over the top personality and for them to show up once again it was the push I needed to hit a home run. Slowly but surely people showed up, games were played and drinks were drank! Daddy Matty had us grubbing all day, his smoked chicken wings were a major hit. Daniela guided us in the right direction with her tarot reading and Spencer intrigued us into buying his sculptors. It was a beautiful day, we bonded, made friends and left with a little extra change our pocket.

Late night Chats

We all climbed that mountain of naysayers together. We unveiled our minds to the universe and the universe replied; Yes! There is no more doubt just determination to keep me moving towards the future. When you see the AllieCat, know now that she is a symbol of courage, resilience, freedom, creativity; and that the only person keeping you down is yourself. So knock it off and go be great! The world is waiting for YOU to make YOU happen!

The legacy

Love More, Peace More and Roar More.

Your Rising from Ashes of Societal Bullshit
Spirit Guide,




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  1. Cherry

    December 13, 2019 at 1:50 pm

    Dude I had so much fun I cannot wait for the next event!!

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