Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

Can we talk about the elephant in the room? If only I could turn back the hands of time. Two years of isolation, a rebirth, a drop kick right in the neck, a coma then repeat that 5X fast. We have got to move on. There has got to be another metaverse. Spidey where you at? Long story short, we lost our minds; politically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and quite literally. We were vicious and cruel, basically the dark ages connected to a little box that allowed for us to express our inner most dangerous thoughts with no real consequences.

Just when I thought we crossed that bridge….

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was Friday the 13th and the world was slowly starting to shut down, my husband and I went to get our tattoos like we normally did on the 13th of Friday, we even went to a house party after. Except this time, the town was like the Wild Wild West, only cowboys out about. “Rebels” of sorts. Kids my age thinking this whole thing was some sort of hoax, soon to blow over. By Monday those cowboys & girls locked themselves in their homes never to be seen again, until the summer that is, some forever locked at home, petrified of living; abiding by rules that change more than I do my underwear. It’s insane y’all, the CDC has no fucking clue of what is going down and how to fix it. Or maybe they do, and they’re lying to us. I really do not know all but can it just stop? The rules only seem to apply to everyone except the ones making the rules, I guess coronavirus knows only to attack the poor; huh? When small businesses were told to shut down, corporations didn’t, hell I worked the entire time did not catch “Covid” once, two years and a baby later I caught it. Coincidence that it was during my most vulnerable time; lounging on the couch, chasing after a toddler, barely drinking water let alone taking vitamins or out catching any sun rays. No, because it’s common sense. We get sick almost every winter and then summer rolls around and its like we are this giant sunflower energy swapping with the sun. We thrive and die in 12 months. Now I am not an expert and I do not pretend to be one, I just call bullshit when I see it, and it seems like I have stepped into some bullshit. I want FACTS, and hell we fucking deserve them. I am tired of being sheep amongst the wolves. I want to be the fucking WOLF.

Before I head off into an unwarranted rant. This story is about how 2020 ruined our lives, well technically the end of 2019. The world is up in flames, like actually flames. 2020 was recorded as the worst fire season in 2,000 years. Mother Nature was working overtime to let us know, we were failing at life. We needed to start fresh, and what better way than to rise up from the ashes. But no, we did exactly as our ancestors; repeat history. Starting a war within ourselves about ourselves over the color of our skin and cultural backgrounds. It was nasty out there. We even turned the tables on the police, now they sat in the hot seat under the spotlight, their every move criticized as they idly stood by and watched their brothers in blue murder so many many of our family members. [MORAL REMINDER: we are them and they are us] We were split down the middle. You were either black or blue. Conversations were being held, but what did that accomplish? Do officers of the law not need institutional help? Its a bitch slap in your face, obvious.

Here’s why, they are subjected to various levels of trauma and then they are intended to come home like nothing happened. Are there some who can shut it out and maintain healthy relationships with humanity, Sure. But clearly there are others who cannot, and that shit needs to be sorted out. Is that not what separates us from being a serial killer? Hell I’m not out here murdering my neighbors but somebody is and do we not suggest they go seek help or I don’t know go to prison. What makes an officer of the law so different than a regular person who needs to work through their trauma. You think eight weeks or whatever “of training” is enough? Isn’t it naïve for us to think that a person who is paid to uphold the law couldn’t also break it. The law needs to be held to the standards they justify. Time is fucking up. And no not that short lived moment Hollywood actresses thought they were creating. Like please ladies sit the fuck down in your pretty jobs. They live and work in a society that have been and continue to exploit, abuse and drug women, Hello we just “freed Britney”, and that woman needs to be free from a lot more than her family. The lady seems to be absolutely out of it, and no one is ever having “that conversation.” Ugh, I cannoth. The only time needing to be up is our idolization of these entertainers who do nothing for us, except entertain. It makes me laugh when I see these people become martyrs for our real life problems. Please I cannot go down that road. Watch the Dave Chapelle Special you know the one they all talked trashed about but if you really saw like really really, you would have seen where it was coming from and who it was for. Oops, I did it again, I let a celebrity become a visualization for what I stand for.

I guess, “Stars, They’re Just Like Us”

Let us move forward please. It is our TIME to be idolized by our peers for fucking surviving. We are making it everyday in the middle of a recession, a pandemic, a molesting president, global fucking warming. I mean, put your hands together for the regular Josephina Schmo. That QUEEN is raising unruly little persons while maintaining her figure in society and a thong bikini. Oh, all at a low to nonexistent stipend. Mmmhhkayy! Did you notice how I changed Joe to Josephina? Men, get in the trunk of the car. You did most of the driving but now your ego & pride will drive us off a cliff down an icy mountain and frozen lake. And also you can’t seem to keep your dick in your pants long enough to save the world from itself. Humanity is changing and the future needs to be nurtured, smothered, coddled, it needs a mom. I did not labor 52 hours for my kid to be raised in some alternate Black Mirror reality. Fuck That. Burn down the empire, its lying to us ALL. If going back in time, means blindly follow, then maybe that is where we belong. In the midst of this “knowledge at our fingertips” era we seem to still be IDIOTS. When things clearly make no sense, we bitch and complain but never take action. When money is taken from the poor while the rich continue to make more, we rant and rave still nothing yet. What is going to make you uproar? How much abuse will make us fight back? Where is the end? People have been coming here seeking the American Dream, but we all seem to be dreaming not LIVING IT.

Love More, Peace More and Roar More.

Your Lost and Found Internet Friend,



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